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My Thoughts and Feels | Until We Meet Again

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UWMA1TW: The series touches suicide.

Now I know why a lot of BL viewers have been raving about Until We Meet Again (UWMA).

It has been days since I finished watching UWMA and I’m now experiencing a serious case of series hangover. Wow. I didn’t expect for it to blew me away this much. That it would make me sit down and type away some of my thoughts because they just wouldn’t leave me alone. UWMA easily ticked all the boxes for the aspects that I always look for – plot, cinematography, acting and the original soundtrack. Everything about it was tightly and neatly sewn through and through which makes it so hard to spot a fault in it.

UWMA is real good.

💛 Plot, Twists and Pacing

Until We Meet Again is an intricate tale of love that touches the lore of red thread and reincarnations. Yet grounded into reality with love, friendship and dark themes like suicide, domestic violence and homophobia. My words wouldn’t be enough to tell you how this show is such a masterpiece. It’s really a top-tier drama.

Bounded with the red thread in their past life as Korn and Intouch, Dean and Pharm are brought together by fate at present and figures out how their lives are deeply interlaced. The story called for a non-linear and clever way of storytelling to relay the blossom and demise of Korn and Intouch and at the same time the story of Dean and Pharm. How the past and present were weaved together isn’t confusing at all. It’s neatly done. You just have to pay attention to the scenes and its details.

I noticed some thing, tho. There were beats in some scenes wherein it felt like it’s being dragged for too long. Like I want to snap the actors out of the moment they were in or I’m badly waiting when their conversation will resume. Did they use it as a way for us, viewers, to soak everything in? Probably. Nevertheless, these said moments were just minimal and didn’t affect the show’s overall. Why? That’s next on my rambling.

Until We Meet Again has a very satisfying pacing and tasteful plot twists. The twists took a strike at the perfect time and were executed beautifully. Things fall into place naturally as one revelation after another is unraveled. Man, it’s so glorious to see the movement of the story. This shows that the team studied every aspect of the series well. Like the number of episodes they were going to do, where they’re going to cut the episodes and just about everything else.

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Crash Landing On You: How This Drama Instantly Crash Landed Straight Through My Heart


Crash Landing on You (CLOY) rightfully garnered the public’s attention as it is an intricate masterpiece of its own.

In every aspect that one Korean Drama should excel, CLOY decided to exceed in all of it and no amount of praise can sum up all my love, thoughts and feels.

The Plot

On a sunny day, Yoon Seri (Son Ye Jin), a successful businesswoman/heiress from South Korea decided to paraglide to test out for herself their upcoming line of sportswear. She unluckily gets dragged in the middle of a tornado and crash landed beyond the border. That in itself is a scary conflict already. But add in a high-ranking North Korean officer, Captain Ri Jeong Hyeok (Hyun Bin), who finds her in the middle of a forest, inside their territory – that’s when you know extreme chaos could possibly ensue.

Crash Landing on You’s premise is simple, straight-forward and unassuming. Yet you know that with just one miscalculated decision things can go south and – bloody. Right there and then, I was already subjected to a thrill I haven’t experienced before. It instantly hooked me in on how they will portray North Korea and their society. The whats, hows and what ifs that a scenario like that entails. But honestly, why didn’t we get a drama with this kind of plot prior to this? This plot and its corresponding repercussions were basically right there staring at our faces but no one dared to make the most of this reality. Thanks to CLOY team, we were now able to at least artfully explore this unknown.

I told you, the plot is pretty simple but what makes the story move in further are its pro-active characters. Having a character-driven narrative, I was fascinated to witness Seri and Jeong Hyeok moving through parallel conflicts. Same sky, different world but humanity’s greed for power remains constant. I was really amazed with how they were able to weave through a number of important characters together and use them so well in the story. Until now, my mind can’t stop churning how they seamlessly did that.

Lifestyle22034-683x585The Actors, Characters And Chemistry

I didn’t think that Son Ye Jin and Hyun Bin would hit this big as a pair. Mom and Dad, I’m so sorry. uWu 

Don’t get me wrong. Even before this, I have mad respect towards them (individually) and their craft. They’ve top-billed several successful movies and dramas in the past and I know anything they do will turn out great. But as a pair, I just didn’t quite see it early on the process.

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ARC Review: Angry God by L.J. Shen


Vaughn Spencer.

They call him an angry god.

To me, he is nothing but a heartless prince.

His parents rule this town, its police, every citizen and boutique on Main Street.

All I own is a nice, juicy grudge against him for that time he almost killed me.

Between hooking up with a different girl every weekend, breaking hearts, noses and rules, Vaughn also finds the time to bully little ole’ me.

I fight back, tooth and nail, never expecting him to chase me across the ocean after we graduate high school.

But here he is, living with me in a dark, looming castle on the outskirts of London.

A fellow intern. A prodigal sculptor. A bloody genius.

They say this place is haunted, and it is.

Carlisle Castle hides two of our most awful secrets.

Vaughn thinks he can kill the ghosts of his past, but what he doesn’t know? It’s my heart he’s slaying.


mini book reviews (1)

Intense. Twisted. Dark. Angry God is certainly blessed with the L.J. Shen imprint. Even more. 

I’ve been dying to read Angry God because how not to be curious about Vicious’ spawn, right? I know we’ve met Vaughn Spencer in the previous books of All Saints High series and we basically know him as this dark and brooding type of guy. Vicious 2.0. But the question which is at the forefront of my mind since knowing about him having his own book is “What could certainly go wrong with Vicious and Emilia’s son?”. This is Vicious’ son, we are talking about and it just felt so impossible to me, then.

It is possible and I weep for him.

The overall mood of Angry God is kind of just how I anticipated for it to be. Reading it 2019_0929_17230900felt like being cloaked with something dark and heavy with all the mystery lying at the far-end of the story. I had a surreal reading experience. Adding intensity to the story are the main characters itself, Vaughn Spencer and Lenora Astalis who both brought their A-game when it comes to butting heads, one-upping the other and being crooked.

Lenora and Vaughn had their fair share of darkness in life and craziness and we all read that here. We are given two characters who are both so flawed in many and different ways and which only makes things so exciting. With readers having to wade through their flaws, witnessing them slowly opening up and learning the skulls hidden deeply inside their closets. I love Angry God for being character-centric. It really focused on their characters and how then it effortlessly pushed the story to its fullness. It’s like, there was no other way that this book could be written.

But what I have learned from reading L.J. Shen books in the past? Is that there will be parts in the book that will make me question myself, my morals and my sanity. Admittedly, until now I’m still sitting on some of my thoughts on certain scenarios and decisions that Lenora and Vaughn did. Did s/he did the right thing? Did s/he took it too far? Did??? Was it really necessary to act/react that way? Was it acceptable? It’s keeping my mind turning even after finishing the book.

With the constant darkness that followed Vaughn and Lenora around, I commend L.J. Shen for bravely tackling such a nitty-gritty issue. Especially for Vaughn’s character. Even though the book was already peppered with hints, I refused to believe it. Not until everything is laid out in the open. It was tough to read through. So if you read parts that doesn’t sit well with you, stop. Consider it as a trigger warning for yourself. But, what Vaughn went through sadly happens in real life.

A hot topic. I cannot count the amount of Lenora x Vaughn or Poppy x Vaughn discussions that I’ve seen ever since Broken Knight (BK) was published. Well, who did you root for?

As for me, I’ve been rooting for Lenora and Vaughn to happen. Come on, the tension between them? I’m getting roasted during their scenes in BK because of the heat. It’s also the perfect build up for a hate-love relationship. But aside from being teased of their chemistry, I truly felt that there’s so much more than the animosity they’ve been throwing at each others face every time they’re in the same room. I’ve been curious. I’ve given so much thought about how Shen will spin the story if ever L & V happens and what could she do to make her readers root for them. Surely, it worked for me and I really think it will on others too. You’ll root for them, I swear. They were IT. How I wish I could tell you more about my feels about them. But I really want for you to experience firsthand.

Despite the darkness that enveloped the story, there were scenes that got real laughs out of me. Mostly from Knight Cole aka the icebreaker, the ever voice of reason and truth. Please allow me to share with you this line (or you may choose to skip this part).

“Don’t what me like I’m interrupting your goddamn schedule of scowling at places, people, and your own reflection.”

I bursted out laughing when I read it because now all I kept thinking about is Vaughn scowling at his own reflection. It felt so authentic which makes it so easy to imagine. Bless, Knight for injecting himself in the story to make things a bit lighter. But can you try to imagine smiling about something that Vaughn said? Ain’t that would be sweeter? Well, hold on tight.

Will I recommend Angry God? Yes. But again, I repeat, if things get too much for you – please stop reading.

Angry God is a dark book, which contain dark themes and is really far from the previous themes that were tackled in the All Saints High Series.  



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[02] Fandomly Bookish: On Repeat

5d9d8890a2f14BLIND FOR LOVE by AB6IX

Now, , I get why they’re bagging Rookie of the Year awards left and right.

I recently discovered them (thanks to Wanna One) and I’m amazed. I originally went in with only Daehwi and Woojin in mind but I guess I’m clowning myself, again. It was a few days back when I watched two episodes of their reality show and then knew how they ended up having five members in the group. I got curious. I fully dug deeper into their discography…and only to find real bops.

Blind for Love is just one of those songs and my goodness, it’s stuck in my head ever since I heard it. The song is so neat that I find myself constantly bopping my head to its tune.

“neoye nun sogeseo heeomchigopa
api boiji anneun
naye soneul jabgo deryeoga” 🎵🎶

Girl, that part of the song is such a blast to listen to. I’m in love with the blending/layering of Woojin’s low toned voice to Donghyun’s & Woong’s high toned ones. It was perfection.

Their voices, I love. It’s so easy to differentiate their voices and only took me a couple of listens to distinguish them. With Daehwi’s voice having a character of its own, Woong’s sophisticated voice, Donghyun’s sexy yet soft one to Youngmin and Woojin’s deep voices. Also, correct me if I’m wrong – but they are self-producing idols too, right? Hnnng!

I’m so looking forward to their next release! I can’t get enough of them.

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[01] Fandomly Bookish: On Repeat

Welcome to ON REPEAT, a new Fandomly Bookish blog feature!

I conceptualized On Repeat before year 2020 started but real life happened. I had to push it back to a time where I can breathe, sit and write things down. My original goal was to start the year, update my Facebook Page daily and compile songs that I’m currently listening to repetitively in an album. While I’m also going to do that, why not update my blog with it as well? It’ll just be a short post with me sharing what I felt while listening to it and other ramblings. 

Today, I’m sharing with you the ACTUAL top two songs that I’ve been constantly listening to on Spotify – Spring Breeze and 360.


“We’ll meet again
When the spring spreeze passes
I’ll smile brightly
When the spring breeze passes…” 🎵🎶

It’s quite funny to think that I fell in love with Wanna One backwards. How I fell in love with them when they aren’t active as a group anymore. (But that’s a great sign for them, tho. They can still attract listeners given the situation. That they really had a great run for a year and a couple of months.)

I’m sure I’ve (you’ve) heard their songs in the past, mostly in passing. I’m sorry I didn’t give any effort to really look into them. But again, it’s never too late. When I started to dig deeper into them, I randomly picked Spring Breeze as the first song to listen to and not knowing anything about it. It being the group’s last title track and what mood I’m getting myself into.

First Listen: I was instantly hooked with it and got affected by the emotion of their voices. There’s just something heart-clenching about their voices in this song.

I went into a research spree about Spring Breeze, the English translation, fancams and everything. It’s a bittersweet yet beautiful song. Especially, if you’ve been with them since the beginning. I’m sure all your memories with them flooded through your mind upon listening to this. Am I right? I wasn’t even there but I really felt it. The lyrics just cuts deep into the core and together with its beat…I’m glad that this was their final song. No games, just overflowing with gratefulness, love and promise. It was really a well-celebrated run with their Wannables. 💙


park-ji-hoon360 by PARK JI HOON

360 a hypnotizing song from former Wanna One member and now a successful soloist – Park Jihoon. With its beat, dreamy synths and Jihoon’s mellow voice during the intro, the song just compels you to listen to it. For you to give its full attention. Apparently, that feeling really coincides with the lyrics of the song. As it goes like this:

“The flash burst 360°
Pay attention to me hurry up
I want to go further, to the top
I prepared to show myself properly
Just follow me
Can you see that?…”

You see that?

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