My Thoughts and Feels | Gameboys Ep10: Pass or Play 2

Orange and Aquamarine Bordered Games Collection YouTube Outro

116437240_3142547549128158_7127048793691303077_oI hope you didn’t stop watching the episode upon seeing “Directed by: Ivan Andrew Payawal” or else you’re missing some of the biggest moments in Gameboys The Series ever! πŸ˜‰

Soooooo. Gameboys originally have 10 episodes, right? Thinking about that gave me goosebumps even more because things have really come in full circle in just that number of episodes. Gav asking Cai “Pass or Play?” in Episode 1 to Cai now the one asking Gav the same line, “Pass or Play?” in Episode 10 showed how far their characters and their relationship have come. My babies have come so, so, so far.

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Wattpad Ramblings | Hearthushed Series

Ynativity x Hearthushed Series provided such great content and stories right here. I love that these stories showed characters with different types of personalities, their struggles as an individual and as someone who’s part of a relationship. All characters went through common situations like uncertainties, insecurities, miscommunications and more. I saw bits of myself in all of them. I felt for them. I’m sure you’ll identify with them too.

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My Thoughts and Feels | Where Your Eyes Linger



OH MY GOSH! Why is this an eight-episode series only? Why does each episode run for a maximum of 10 minutes (opening and ending credits included) only? I WANT MORE. πŸ₯ΊπŸ˜­πŸ’–

Despite that, Where Your Eyes Linger’s (WYEL) execution is truly at par with the usual Korean dramas that we watch. From cinematography, script, OST the chemistry and delivery of the actors, it’s a chef’s kiss for me.

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