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Fresh Release: 바래다줄게 (Take You Home) by Baekhyun


If we’re Facebook friends or you’re one of my Twitter followers, then you must know that Byun Baekhyun is my ultimate bias from my favorite group, EXO. I post, tweet and talk about him every time I get an opportunity to do so. I just love him so much. There are a lot of reasons why I swerved into his lane and I think that’s good for another blog post. But among my pool of reasons is his vocals.

Fun fact: He ended up as my bias because of this certain Don’t Go fancam. I don’t know how someone can watch that and not end up being his fan.

With every note he hits and every lyric he utters, you can hear and feel the exact emotion that he wants for his listeners to feel. His voice is able to perfectly translate the desired emotion of the song. Emotionally-packed voice, as I liked to refer to it. I’m vulnerable when it comes to him because he has this power of turning me into a mush. My heart just instantly fills up with various emotions. 어떻게?


So upon the news of SM releasing a song in which he took part of, I was over the moon. Fans were highly anticipating it because it has been for quite some time now since Baekhyun released a solo song. For me, I experienced double the excitement because it’s the first solo song that he’s releasing wherein I’m already an EXO-L and his fan.

April 14th, D-DAY, SM finally released the song and music video. As expected of Baekhyun, he made his charming-self appear in the MV in full force and sang the song into perfection. Never did I doubt that his song for SM Station 2 would be anything but that.

Take You Home (바래다줄게) music video is aesthetically pleasing and thoroughly captured the message of the song. People who doesn’t understand Korean will be able to at least guess the gist of it. But don’t be too fooled by its happy vibe because it actually masks the tinge of sadness of its lyrics. Read the English translation here. It’s about an unrequited love and the guy still choosing to be there for the girl even if he is not her man.

Baekhyun’s charm as a person, reflects as well through his pure honey vocals. Impressive. His falsetto was basically everywhere in this song. I think it was appropriate to use it here since the song aims to be sweet (despite the sadness). It gives off a soothing feel to the listeners and at the same time staying true to the lyrics in which the guy was asking the girl for a chance and giving her an assurance that “I can’t hold you in my arms but I’m still the kind of guy who’s got wide shoulders to carry you home”. 


This song became an avenue for Baekhyun to showcase his mad skill to do transitions from full voice to falsetto and back to his full voice. Especially this particular part, “neoreul anajul sun eobseodo neol jibe deryeogal, neolbeun deungeul gajin geureon namjaya“. From falsetto, his full voice came out of nowhere and immediately snatched my heart. It was smoothly done, so it’s kind of hypnotizing to listen to. It’s enchanting.

My favorite part of the song is probably when he sang 남자야 (namjaya) in the chorus. I think I might have gone to heaven and dropped back to Earth because of the swirls and curls of his voice during that part. I’m actually seeing a lot of fans who are fawning over this part too. Seems like we are one in this.

Baekhyun made my heart flutter from the first second of video up until the last one. He was adorable, charming, sweet, beautiful and everything. The things he and his voice does in this MV will make anyone swoon. Thus, making it a double kill for everyone who’s got a soft spot for Baekhyunee.

Better secure your heart now.

GIF credit: 11degreecelsius on Twitter


The comments of Knetz towards Baekhyun and Take You Home are nothing but lovely and full of encouraging words. It’s heartwarming to see that kind of response from them. As his fan, I’m very thankful for it. Please do continue to anticipate, support and love, Baekhyun.

If you haven’t seen the MV, you can watch it here: 바래다줄게 (Take You Home) by Baekhyun and stream the song through Spotify and various Korean online music stores (to help bump the ranking of the song in the charts). I’m hoping and praying that it will do well because this could be one of SM’s devices to monitor the amount of people who are looking into Baekhyun’s releases (and if it’s a good record, then we could probably help Baekhyun get that solo album that he deserves…All EXO members deserve to have one, to be honest). 😭💙

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