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In Photos: Coffee, Waffles, Cakes and Cheers to EXO’s 5th Anniversary

Screencap from EXO’s VLIVE celebrating their 5th anniversary.

The back story. Last February 24th, I traveled all the way from Albay just to attend the Manila leg of EXO’s The EXO’rDIUM concert tour. This isn’t an unfamiliar situation for me since traveling alone in a bus is a regular occurrence whenever I have to head to Manila. But this entire trip was truly special in most ways.

I was already comfortably seated on my designated bus seat when three ladies approached my section, one of them ended up as my seatmate and the other two were seated behind us. Upon seeing them and the small bags that they were carrying, the first thought that popped into my mind was “It’s not crazy if I think that they would be attending the EXO’rDIUM, right?”. I felt that there’s a huge chance that they could be EXO-Ls like me. Even told my friend who called me to go out of the bus about this but we just laughed it off because crazy eh.

I tried to get it off of my mind and concentrated more on my Twitter to field the latest happenings on the web. News about EXO leaving Korea was out and I was freaking out on the inside. How to deal? How to be calm? 어떻게? Trip went on smoothly. But then when I swerved my head towards my seatmate, I saw her checking out Ms. Happee Sy’s Twitter account…and that’s when I confirmed my hunch.

Thinking that we randomly chose our seats in the bus, ended up being seatmates and the fact that most probably all four of us are EXO-Ls who are attending the concert, I know I have to talk to them. I threw my shyness away and braved myself to start up a conversation. It was awkward but that’s how first time talking to people you don’t know goes. But compared to others, it was kind of easier for us to converse since we have a common ground: EXO.

Hi, Doth and She!

Before parting ways with them on the bus station (they checked in into a hotel and I stayed in my aunt’s house in Marikina), we made sure to follow each other on Twitter. We didn’t actually bond over in Manila. We saw each other in passing on the concert venue on the 26th, greeted and asked this and that. But that was mostly it.

When we returned back home, we reconnected with each other and talked over Twitter about anything EXO. That’s what spurred me to ask them if they would be okay to meet and celebrate EXO’s anniversary. It’s great that they were so game with my plan. I asked them if they want to bring their friends along, who are EXO-Ls as well, and also invited some of mine but they couldn’t make it.

Processed with VSCO

On April 8th, the day of EXO’s 5th anniversary, we met up at Artisan’s Specialty Coffee in Legazpi City. Doth suggested that we try it and I whole-heartedly agreed because I haven’t tried their coffee and food offerings. It’s a minimalistic themed coffee shop with lines, whites and browns in its interior which gives off a very cozy vibe. From their interior to the coffees and waffles that they serve, Artisan’s is definitely  an Instagram-worthy café.

The spread and She’s print-outs of EXO photos and fan arts to complete the anniversary vibe.

All of us ordered Hershey’s Waffle, Iced Latté and an assortment of cakes. Fluffy waffle with chunks of Hershey’s, topped with a scoop of vanilla ice cream, drizzled and sprinkled with chocolate syrup and chocolate chips. Chocolate heaven, it is.

Great place with good food and good company resulted to hours and hours of munching and chatting up with Doth and She. We shifted from one topic to another and didn’t notice the time passing us by.  As someone who’s quite new to the fandom, I learned more about EXO from them and what they’ve experienced as an EXO-L for the past five years. It’s good to listen while they reminisce on things. They didn’t make me feel left out, as well. They were also keen on knowing my thoughts about recent issues and what I think about some events that happened way back. I totally had a great time with them, dumping all my feels. I have a couple of online friends whom I regularly talk to but it really is different when talking to people face-to-face. So, I’m thankful that Doth and She were so welcoming towards me and that we instantly clicked. Now, I have people whom I can turn to who lives near the vicinity. Well in case, there’s a fangirl emergency!

Prince Wang Eun came to celebrate with us.

We parted ways at 6pm, had a hard time to do so because there’s still a lot of things we wanted to talk about. The three hours (or so) weren’t enough to go through everything. So, we’re planning to meet up again. When? We still don’t know. Whenever we’ve got free time? Or probably when our EXO dolls arrive here in Albay? In that way, we can have a small gathering with our dolls and now ask for our friends to join us. I think, it’ll be very exciting to meet and personally get to know more of my fellow EXO-Ls here in Albay. If you happen to read this blog post and you’re from around here, please do message me up. Join us!

Who would have thought that taking the bus to Manila will allow me to meet new friends who share the same favorites and thoughts that I have? Who would have thought that I’d be seated among my fellow EXO-Ls and concert-goers too? Well, definitely not me. Not us. We were all surprised and fully cannot believe the luck that we had at that time. This is basically one of the greatest things of being a fangirl. You thought you’d end up being alone but in reality there are people around you who share the same interest as yours. You just have to approach them, introduce yourself, talk about your favorites and who knows you’d also end up like us. The key is finding your common ground because from there you’ll surely have something to bond over. Take it from me.

In Photos Vol. 2 END.


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