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Wattpad Story Review: Mean for You (Mean #1) by kissmyredlips



Cliché? Yun yung good girl meets her prince charming, they both fall in love, the antagonist comes along, here comes the up rise, problem solved then insert the happy ending with matching confetti and balloons. Kung hindi happy ang ending? Then wait for the epilogue. Kaumay! Yung mabait laging bida, yung nagpapaawa ang laging pinapanigan at si good girl at prince charming lagi ang nagkakatuluyan. Pero paano kung maging bida ang isang kontrabida?

Maxwell is mean but she’s willing to be extra mean just to get the guy of her dreams. It had always been Grant for her since she was seven. No matter how many times she cry, no matter how many times she get hurt, and no matter how many times she get beaten down because of Grant-she’ll never get tired of loving him. She’ll chase him till the ends of the earth. And if someone gets in her way? Simple, she”ll have them taste her hell. Or they could taste Rush’s, Grant’s cousin, who’s also willing to do every mean things for her.

Mean for You on Wattpad.


Mean for You sure does live up to its title. 

This is the first story that I’ve read written by kissmyredlips and I know it won’t be the last one. As we speak, I’m already itching to read the 2nd book, Mean to Be, and her other stories because they seem to be all interesting. They also got some gorgeous and attention-grabbing covers in Wattpad. Even her self-published books are lovely.

Honestly, it took me quite some time to get into Mean for You’s story and the characters. They weren’t exactly the type whom you’ll easily like and root for and my mind was just in constant query as to what could possibly be their redeeming qualities. It’s also a unique reading experience because the story is told from the point of view of a character who’s both the protagonist and antagonist. But you know what as the chapters went by, I found Anya’s writing just getting to me and little by little feeling for Maxwell, Grant and Rush. But mostly Rush. Anya did well in making me hate, like and pity their characters.

“Love has no steps to follow, procedures to take, and instructions to abide — you just…fall.”

Maxwell is the word, mean, personified. What you’ve read in the synopsis saying “is mean but she’s willing to be extra mean just to get the guy of her dreams”, yeah that’s true. She does unthinkable and evil things towards people who go against her whims. Or whenever she just feels like inflicting pain to somebody. There were times that I kind of understand where she’s coming from but most of the times, she’s just a bitch. Maxwell gains pleasure from another person’s sufferings. She’s manipulative and collects people who are useful to her for the time being. She’s as self-centered as one person could get. Just imagine reading the flow of her thoughts that would always lead back to her gratifying herself, wow that is so rich. If not thinking about herself, she’s off to plot something bad or thinking about Grant. And Rush, if she needs him. Basically, her world revolves around herself and these boys. I was highly annoyed by that but I’m glad towards the end of this book she was able to realize this particular thing that I’m worried and dislike about her character.

Is Maxwell’s bitchy actions justifiable? No, I won’t defend her (how can I?) and there’s no excuse for her actions. I just hope she’ll learn something out of the events that are happening to her and around her. Also the readers. 

With all the negative things out in the open, Maxwell possesses admirable qualities too. I like her confidence (over confident, most of the times) and how she can turn things around in her favor whenever she’s at her weakest. I’m reminded with the last few chapters because I was so shook by the turn of events. One moment people were snickering, doing hushed whispers about her and next one they were cowering. She knows how to stand back up and hold her ground. Scary yet very amusing to read how fast things change for someone like Maxwell.

What makes Maxwell feel like more human rather than being a witch? Were those instances wherein her true emotions were revealed. Her feeling in love, frustrated, desperate and confused is what makes her relatable. We go through those things and feel those emotions too, so we can relate to all of it. Behind her antagonistic attitude is a person who has insecurities and worries, as well. She goes through several hoops for the sake of pinning down the person she’s in love.

But I guess, Karma is really a bitch. Whatever amount of pain Maxwell inflicts to others is reciprocated through her messy relationships (love life) with Grant and Rush.

“I can be all sorts of mean for you, Maxwell.”

I’m sorry but Grant frustrated the heck out me. Okay to cold then back to being okay. There was no constant during the early chapters when it comes to his character. He’s unpredictable and I feel sorry for Maxwell that she has to love (put up) someone like him. But it turns out that Grant was the type of character who does the push and pull thing in relationships yet in the end will go all out. Still questionable with the all out part.

I don’t why but I can’t feel Grant being genuine. I’m still not convinced with his explanation and feelings towards Maxwell. I’m kind of thinking the same thing as Maxwell when she said that Grant’s only doing something because of his ego and Rush’s presence. Please tell me I’m not the only who’s feeling that? Grant’s feelings towards Max is one of things on my list as to why I’m looking forward for Book 2. 

“It’s okay if you love me out of pity, baby. I’d still take it. I will take what you can give. Just say you’ll love me back.”

Rush is Maxwell’s guy counterpart (aka does mean and evil things too). He’s willing to do anything (even the most vile things) for the sake of her happiness. I know, they’re pretty fucked up. But what differentiate Rush from Grant the most is him being the constant person in Maxwell’s life. He’s always there for her.

To annoy her.

To be the fall back guy.

Some of the words that comes out of his mouth bring kilig feels to me. He’s just so devilishly sweet and his sweetness towards her affects me so much. The first scene that I caught whiff of the tension between Rush and Maxwell, I immediately went into shipper mode. Throughout the story, I was just rooting for them. Even though I know he deserved someone better than her. But first, I was wishing for Maxwell to see and take notice of what’s in front of her.

Rush is a manly man who turns into a mush when it comes to Maxwell and you’ll see that in this story several times. A guy crying? Be ready for that. It truly sucks to witness the one you love being all to focused chasing another person when you’re just right there in front of (beside) her. My heart aches for Rush. Big time.

“One day, you’ll find yourself looking your way back to me and I’d be right here, waiting for that day to happen.”

While reading this story, it got me thinking if there really is a person who’s like Maxwell in real life? Because I hope not. I know people would do almost all of the things for love but the things that she did here was a bit of a stretch. It’s scary. Don’t be like Maxwell’s bitchy! side, dear readers.

For a Wattpad story, Mean for You was able to maintain a good pacing. There’s something exciting happening every chapter which will make readers want to look forward to it. Anya’s words were able to carry out the feelings of the characters and I know she was able to elicit her desired reactions out of her readers. Basing it from the inline comments that I’ve read and how I reacted to it.

Mean for You ended with such a cliffhanger and it’s a good thing that I took interest in it when the duology is already completed. I don’t know what I’d do if I read it at the same time as it was an on-going story.

What I wish for Book 2? I wish the story won’t just revolve around these named characters. I’m wishing for more: family, world, life and whatever. I’m also looking forward to see if they’ll be a bit matured this time around. Bring in some character developments.

Fingers crossed.

You can find more of Anya’s (kissmyredlips) stories, here.


4 thoughts on “Wattpad Story Review: Mean for You (Mean #1) by kissmyredlips”

  1. OMG! You reviewed wattpad story!!! This is so nice. I haven’t seen any book bloggers reviewing stories they read in wattpad. I occassionally read in wattpad but I didn’t review them all. 😅


    1. Hi, yes! This is actually the first time that I really took time to make a review for a Wattpad story. Haha. I’ve read quite a number of stories from that platform before but it was just now that I thought of adding it here as a feature. 🙂


    1. Hi! Yes, I love Wattpad too and I’m really picky with what I read from that platform. I mostly read stories written by Filipino authors. Haha. Do you have any recommendations, though? 😊


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