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In Photos: Fandomly Bookish meets FrustratedGirlWriter

When a truly memorable moment happens, you know you just have to tell it to your friends. 

For today’s In Photos blog feature, I’m going to do a recap about the day I personally met the Precious Hearts Romances and Wattpad writer, FrustratedGirlWriter, C.D. de Guzman. She’s the first Pinoy writer that I’ve ever met and so this specific meeting is definitely something blog-worthy.

On June 8th, Iya (a friend of mine) sent in a direct message on my Fandomly Bookish Twitter account and asking if I’m free the following day. I was not, actually. I have plans and appointments to attend to. But then she dropped that C.D. (Denise) would be heading to Bicol and will conduct a meet-up for her readers. Well, I cannot not attend and miss it. I just raved about her latest completed Wattpad story, Deliverance, a few days back and her quick trip here in our province was the perfect opportunity to chat with her.

I know I have to do something with my schedule and look for someone to come with me.

Schedule fixed, check.

Joy, my friend and fellow admin at JSL Bicol, also a reader of Denise as my buddy, check.

Okay, we’re ready and excited.

On the morning of June 9th, I woke up with the sound of heavy rain and a view of dark skies filtering through my windows. Through the entire morning, the rain just won’t let up and so I was constantly messaging Iya about the weather here in Albay (Sto. Domingo, where I come from). I was really worried for the meet-up because the venue that they’ve decided on, Cagsawa, was an open area. But Iya said to still push through with it and surprisingly Denise was already there. Imagine my panic, guys.

I had to rush everything that I’m doing and prepare myself in a limited amount of time. Traveled to Legaspi, met up with Joy and rode another jeepney to Cagsawa in which we said Hello to traffic. I told Iya to send a message to Denise saying that we’re so sorry to be arriving late. We just can’t do anything at that point but wait…

At past 2pm, we arrived at the venue, searched for them and was greeted with a cheery smile from Denise.

I can breathe now.


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To be honest, I haven’t been reading completed Wattpad stories for quite some time now and the only on-going story that I kept tabs on was The Accidental Baby by RainbowColorMinded. Hold up, I have an explanation for this and I don’t know if you’ll feel me. Sometimes I go through a certain mood wherein I’m only up for reading books. Like I would be reading books for an entire week or could go for months long. Or I could binge on some Korean dramas. Or read Wattpad stories. When I decide to focus on things, I go hard.

I think it was just about a week or two ago when I decided to revisit Wattpad and know what’s hot. I went to Twitter and ask my mutuals (and followers) for some recommendations. A lot of titles went through my mentions and the first one that I picked was Mean for You by kissmyredlips. I’m curious and have really been wanting to read a story written by her since I saw my mutuals talking about it. So I read it and even ended up writing a Wattpad Story Review that you can read here in my blog. I think it was on that day when I posted my review for MfY that Iya’s tweet went through my notifications and was suggesting for me to read Deliverance by FrustratedGirlWriter. I was already sold into reading it just because of the author and when Iya told me that the story’s about to end already, okay I’m up for some marathon. Read. Raved. Here’s my Wattpad Story Review for Deliverance.

I’m going to admit that I’m a lowkey FrustratedGirlWriter reader. I don’t participate on her Facebook Group happenings. Does clicking the like button counts? Not that I’m always on Facebook because I’m really not. I just prefer Twitter. So on the way to the venue, I’ve been telling Joy that I’m doubting myself for even going to the meet-up. I don’t know much. I haven’t read some of her stories, four or five left. What if they talk about stuff that I’m not knowledgeable of? What if? What if?

My mind was flooded with what ifs when I shouldn’t even be worrying about it. The meet-up was short, sweet and simple. Yet very meaningful. Despite the cold weather and gloominess brought in by the clouds, the atmosphere was warm like we were just friends who decided to gather around and catch up. The meet-up was filled up with small talks and laughter. I had fun. In just a short span of time I witnessed how nice, friendly and accommodating Denise is. Even if she endured a 15-hour drive just to get to Bicol, there was always a smile lighting up her face and showed no signs of being tired.

One of the things that I remembered her telling to us was about her characters ending up and celebrating their love together with God. That God will always be at the center of her characters and stories. I love that. At the back of my head I was thinking that what she’s telling us is the element that makes her writings different. I mentioned about it in my Deliverance blog post that what differentiates her from other authors is her faith and how she boldly incorporates it with her stories. She even mentioned that when she started writing she wasn’t even sure if readers will dig her output. Because let’s face it, it’s not unheard of but it is rare to have Wattpad stories who speaks about God. But I think she forgot to factor in that it would be refreshing for readers to encounter stories that takes after that and once well-done, readers would read anything. And that’s exactly what her stories are.

Whenever I finish one, it left me questioning myself, questioning the people and things around me, thinking about God and impressed with how Denise attacks the plot. Like The Wifely Duties and Irresistible Eugene. But Deliverance, wow. I can definitely say that it’s her best work. So far. It’s such a joy and pleasure to read her works when she was just starting and witnessing how much she’s grown as a writer. Just like how her writing style is getting more distinguished, her plots were also evolving and showcasing more complexity after the other.


Processed with VSCO with se3 preset
L-R Joy, Denise and I


All throughout the meet-up, Denise was praying for Mayon to make an appearance before they have to leave and make their trip all worth it.

Rain pouring.

Mayon heavily surrounded with clouds.

But as we were chatting, we started to notice the change in the weather and clouds starting to progressively move away from Mayon. Look at that? Mayon Volcano made a perfect background for our picture. Nothing is really impossible as long as we pray for it.

For those who weren’t able to attend the “biglaang” meet-up, fret not. Denise promised to come back here in Bicol. No plans yet as to when but let’s continue to pray and look forward to it. As for now, we should help each other in looking for CDisciples based here in Bicol. Should we build our own Facebook community for it? I think we should so that we’ll be organized and informed with the latest events concerning C.D.

I’m going to wrap this post by saying: Thank you so much for visiting Albay and meeting up with your readers, Denise! The time you come back here we’ll definitely be prepared for it. I’ll continuously pray for you and your endeavors. Fighting!

Tip: If Denise will be having meet-ups near you, please do attend because it’s something you’ll definitely enjoy and wouldn’t want to miss. It’s so chill. 🙂

If you want to check out her Wattpad account and stories, you can visit it through here.

In Photos Vol. 3 END.

Fandomly Bookish



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