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Fresh Release: Cherry Bomb by NCT


Cherry Bomb comeback marks the first one that I’m on board with all the NCTzen (our just announced fandom name)! To say that I’ve been highly anticipating for their M/V and mini album to drop is totally an understatement.

When SM entertainment started releasing comeback teasers (first wave was of Doyoung, WinWin and Taeyong), the impression that it left me were NCT Dream-ish and Pop. It got me thinking, would they be taking on a NCT Dream kind of concept with a 127 twist? Are they going to release poppin’ songs because of how bold the colors used for the teasers? The video teasers weren’t that big of a help at all since it was mostly a montage of the M/V. Well, if you consider having Na Na Na NaNa stuck in your head and yes it worked. But still I’m at wits end because I couldn’t really grasp what the song will sound like and its overall vibe.

… And just a few hours ago, I got my answers for those thoughts and questions.


Click the picture to watch the M/V for Cherry Bomb by NCT!


NCT 127 made a poppin’ comeback with Cherry Bomb as their title track.

The song starts off with a repetition of “Ppalli ppalli pihae Right Cherry bomb feel it yum…” and “I’m the biggest hit, I’m the biggest hit on the stage…”. Remember those starting lines because it’s all over the song. Like everywhere. I’m not really a fan of those repetitions but weird enough when you continuously listen to it it became bearable to your ears. After the intro, Mark and Taeyong enters with some heavy rapping and sets a build up for the song. In which it leads to Doyoung and Taeil’s smooth vocals. For me, Doyoung really stood out because of how cool and flawless his voice was during that transition. More rap parts follow and ultimately going back to some powerful singing from the group’s vocal trio (aka NCT U) – Jaehyun, Doyoung and Taeil.

Cherry Bomb mostly went from rap line, the repetitive lines of “Ppalli and I’m the biggest hit” and the vocal line. In a way it sounds and feels like disjointed because of the rapping and singing but they were able to neatly weave it together. It worked and it’s catchy.

But I’m kind of disappointed with the line distribution and how it highly favored five members (though mostly Taeyong and Mark because of the amount of rap in  this song). Yuta, WinWin, Haechan and Johnny got the repetitive lines divided to themselves while the others got their own distinctive parts. Though, I believe they got more parts in the sidetracks included in the album.


For me, Cherry Bomb isn’t much of a dance-y type of track. Because despite the rapping, the beat of it isn’t something that would fuel people to dance along with it. So I’m really happy that they were able to do something in the M/V and included a dance break towards the end. Bonus points for having Jaehyun as the center. I’m thoroughly looking forward for their live performances in various music shows and see how the full choreography for this song will look like. I’m intrigued on how they will incorporate dance steps and formations for this track.

Sun & Moon, 0 Mile and Summer 127 are my favorites among the sidetracks. Especially, Sun & Moon. I wasn’t prepared for that track. The first three songs (Cherry Bomb, Running 2 U and 0 Mile) were lit and definite bops. Then, Sun & Moon plays next. Like it just came out of nowhere but still had that distinct sound of being part of Cherry Bomb: The 3rd Mini Album. I adore their lovely vocals! What Cherry Bomb lacked, I believe the side tracks in the album compromised for it.

Two things that I’ve noticed in NCT Albums: 1) It has a great overall transition from one song to another and 2) They have this distinct sound incorporated in songs in which you can identify what album (era) it belongs to. I don’t know but that’s what I feel whenever I listen to their songs. All in all, their Cherry Bomb album is a thumbs up for me and I’m looking forward on what this era will bring to NCT 127. Can they get their first win through Cherry Bomb? We’ll see!

How about you? What can you say about their comeback track and album? What are your favorite sidetracks, as well? Tell me about your thoughts in the comment section below! 🙂

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