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Book Review: Fall Like Rain by Ana Tejano

Fall like Rain



Rain De Castro has been in love with her best friend, Mark Velasco, for almost the entire time she has known him, but she’s clearly in the friend zone because he’s happily in a relationship. Or so she thought, until the news of his break-up reaches her. Now that Mark’s single again, she decides that it’s time to get out of the zone. But when her cousin Lissa comes into the picture and sets her eyes on Mark, Rain feels troubled when he gets a little too friendly with her. Rain is determined to fight for what she feels this time, but is it worth the effort if it’s a losing battle from the start? Will she back off to give way for her best friend’s happiness, even if it means losing him to someone else again?



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Fall like Rain is more than just its pure and slow burn romance. 

While I was scrolling through my timeline, I saw someone who retweeted a tweet saying that Fall like Rain by Ana Tejano is available for only $0.99 on Kindle. (For someone who frequently purchases ebooks that is a total steal!) So the price drew me in but what ultimately made me click the purchase button is its synopsis. You may or may not know this; I’m actually a sucker for books with premises which involves someone being on the friend zone and the typical best friends to lovers romance. Fortunately, Fall like Rain both have that.

“If only life, feelings, and love were as simple as making programs – you know, put in the right code, the correct input, and things will happen the way you want them. If something went wrong, then fixing it was as easy as adding or removing a character, or rearranging some lines.”

Rain De Castro is real. I’m going to start this off by saying that I’m no way near to Rain’s situation. Well, I do have guy friends but we’re buddy buddy and all that. But I do know that a lot of girls out there would be able to identify themselves with Rain, stat. Girls like Rain who are experiencing situations wherein they have to guess and ask themselves the meaning of this and that gesture made this certain someone towards them. Does it qualify as a friendly gesture? A romantic one? Ana Tejano was able to perfectly capture and put Rain’s confusion, fears and frustrations into words. I felt it. The entire time I was reading the book, I felt like I was her – being doubtful, on the edge and thinking of all the possible what ifs. Add Francis’ character voicing out every scary scenario out there, oh the horror.

Those dreadful thoughts clouding Rain’s mind brought out the not-so-good side of her and made her do some unkind things. It was wrong but following her line of thinking it was pretty understandable why she felt the need to act like that. But I’m happy that she was able to learn her lesson and redeem herself at the end. Tejano was able to tie everything that went loose. To be honest, I’m highly impressed with Rain’s character development. In a short and limited amount of pages, I was able to see how she bloomed from a closed-off person to someone who mingles around with her cousins. From someone who has been passive for most of her life to someone who takes a risk and does something life-altering.

“You’re the first person I would always look for, Rain.”

Mark Velasco is swoon-worthy, charming and a really nice guy. His gestures towards Rain are truly giving the more than friends vibe but then we can only assume about it too. He’s so locked up tight with the specifics and alongside Rain we’re thrown in a loop on what could be his true feelings. Guessing and doubting game ensues. But seriously, everything that he does and says towards Rain gets me kilig. Especially that scenario with the flood.

For such a short read, Ana Tejano was able to incorporate and touch a lot of elements in Fall like Rain. The romance was presently there but it also highlighted how vital communication, friendship and family are.

As best friends, Rain and Mark definitely lacked communication and that’s something they have to work hard on. They were all about the guessing and waiting game and look how messy things turned into. It was obvious Rain was waiting for Mark to say what he feels first. Or at least a hint that will solidify what his feelings are. Along the way, Rain assumed something and caused for rifts to unfold. The struggle to directly say what we feel towards someone sometimes causes people to assume and for things to drive in circles. Instead of being able to easily understand each other, we’re stuck in a constant loop of being weary and doubtful. I’m glad Rain ended up finding her courage to just blurt it out and let her feelings be known. Unlike Mark, who really had a tough time letting out his intentions.

“…I hope you remember that your family will always be here. We all care for you. You know that, right?”

Rain and Mark may be best buds but I’m glad that Rain still has her own set of friends and I adore the friendship she has with them – Meah and Faith. They are each other’s perfect support system who encourages you to push through the challenge and will celebrate with you in victory. Or will also be there for you whenever things go south. Even the unexpected friendship Rain formed with Cams was cute. It was also a good way for them to start over and resolve their past issues.

Pinoy na Pinoy talaga was my thought while I was reading Fall like Rain. I hope a lot of Non-Filipino readers would be able to read this book because it painted a clear picture and represented how Filipino families are. How tight knit, how we crowd and fill the whole place with talk and laughter whenever we celebrate a relative’s birthday. All the Lolos and Lolas, Titos and Titas and Cousins are present and milling around. I love the fact that while Rain might be getting her romantic relationship on track, she was able to mend and strengthen her relationships with her friends and family along the way too.

If you are looking for a packed with kilig (all the feels), values friendship, family and totally a quick read (let’s say a hundred or so pages), then I highly suggest for you to pick Fall like Rain by Ana Tejano!




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