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Fresh Release: As If It’s Your Last by BlackPink


Seven months since Square Two, BlackPink makes a comeback with a track titled ‘As If It’s Your Last’. 

As If It’s Your Last is definitely different from their previous releases. It’s more of an upbeat song that gives you the feel of making you want to jump and dance along with it. Also infused with synths in places. It’s a total bop!

The music video is a splash of bold colors and captured three sides of BlackPink: their sophisticated, school-girl type and fun side. The play of colors and how they were styled perfectly fit the sense of the lyrics since it revolves around someone’s excitement and bold take on love. You can check the English translation here. (Though, I just have to say that this song and MV gave me a 2NE1 vibe…)

Click on the picture to watch AS IF IT’S YOUR LAST M/V! 🙂

Their vocals showcased the right amount of power and innocence that is needed for the song. Nothing to say more about the quality of their vocals other than as always these girls nailed it. I just have to comment on how I wished Jisoo got more singing lines, the clever comeback of ‘BlackPink in your area’ that gave me chills and have to take note that Lisa did her rap part in full English. Lastly, on how I’m not feeling that synth during pre-chorus. My hopes to hear Rose and Jisoo’s high notes were flushed down the drain when that synth came out of nowhere. I guess I’ll have to wait and hope that they sing those parts during their live performances.

One more thing to look forward to during their live performances: the full choreography. We didn’t see much of the choreo in the MV but with the snippets inserted in it I have to say that some of their steps were reminiscent of the ones in their past choreos. Hmm. I’m sure we will be able to see it during their comeback stages in various music shows. They said that they’ll be doing promotions for a month-long, right? I’m so excited to see what the entire dance would be like and hear them sing this song live!

A couple of screenshots that I took from As If It’s Your Last M/V:



If you are interested to check BlackPink and their comeback track, As If It’s Your Last, you can just click this link. Enjoy! 🙂

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