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Book Review: Karmic Hearts by Jhing Bautista

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Love. Magic. Fate. Best-selling romance novel author Karmina Joan writes about these things. She believes that every person has a purpose, that every soul has a destiny to fulfill. She thought hers was simply sharing her stories.

Her story unfolds with Cupid, the Angel of Love himself. He brings with him a mysterious vessel and a message from on high. It turns out Karmina has a bigger purpose after all—a mission that will make or break humanity as we know it.

As Cupid teaches her the tricks of his trade, Karmina unknowingly gives him something unexpected in return— something the angel of love will find oddly familiar. This may become the one flaw in an otherwise perfect plan that destiny had in store for them.

Does love truly conquer all or are there limits to what humanity can do in the name of love? Witness as Karmina struggles to find the answers before time runs out on true love.


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I can guarantee you, the tale in the pages of this book is as beautiful (or even more than) as its cover. 

Karmic Hearts is Jhing Bautista’s best story, to date. I read Karmic Hearts back when it was just a Wattpad story. I was already a reader of Jhing prior to this and how can I not be intrigued with KH? The plot itself just screams “READ ME!” and so I did. I was so excited to see how she’ll venture into fantasy because she’s trying out something new this time around. Her past stories leans more solely in to the romance genre. I’ve read most of her Wattpad stories and so I can say that I was able to witness her growth as an author. Especially with Karmic Hearts. I saw how she took the challenge with KH, explore deeper into fantasy and create a masterpiece of her own.

With that being said, yes I read it in its original form and I noticed some differences but I won’t dwell on that. In this review I would like to just focus on the strengths of the published version. I think I fell in love with it even more.

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I’ll start with Karmic Hearts’ book cover. With other Wattpad stories turned pocketbooks, I can pass up in buying the physical copies of it. But it’s not the similar case with this one. I already love the story in itself but when they revealed the cover, I knew then that it is a must to buy one. I would never get tired of saying that Karmic Hearts has got to be the PopFiction (PF) book with the most gorgeous cover. How would you top that one, PF? A big bonus of being able to capture one of the powerful scenes between Cupid and Mina too. Gorgeous cover and when I popped open the book I was welcomed with two enchanting illustrations. Because of those illustrations, I found myself crushing on Cupid really hard. Why does he have to be that handsome and fashionista?

I’m also glad that when PF decided to publish it, they took some time to have it translated in English because I do believe that it is worthy to have a wide exposure and to be read by an even wider range of readers.

I know some people are not fond of Wattpad and are wary of the contents on that portal. You definitely have the right to feel that. In my years of being registered on that application, there are times wherein I’m faced with a hard time looking for stories that genuinely captured my attention from plot to its delivery. But I swear, Karmic Hearts, is one of those Wattpad stories that deserves to be acknowledged and published.

Karmic Hearts is a well-done fantasy infused with philosophical thoughts and true to life scenarios. Love may play a big part but this isn’t just like the typical cliché stories. KH digs deeper into love and relationships. Bautista’s take on Cupid, angels, strings of fate and other elements were refreshing and engaging. Once she started laying out her fantasy world, it couldn’t be helped not to fly through the pages of the book. I found myself immediately invested towards Mina’s mission, Cupid’s existence, the world and their relationship.

Philosophy worked its way into the story. There are a lot of lines that hold a solid punch. and are definitely quotable quotes. Even my grandfather who saw my book and borrowed it for a bit liked a certain line at first read. He even asked for the book again just to read that particular line. It’s this one:

“God blessed humans with free will. It means that you, humans, have the power within you to live your lives the way you want to. But ultimately the power has limits. Do you know how powerful freedom is? Every action has a consequence. It’s a ripple effect, so you really can’t blame God for everything.”

I won’t talk much about the story in specifics. Eventhough, I love to blab about the cool parts because there were lots of it in there. But I really want to keep this review as story spoiler-free as much as possible because I want you to have the same experience with me.

Mina’s reactions towards all these were authentic. I can see myself in her position and reacting the same way as she did. She’s bursting at the seams with questions and I love her hunger for clarity. I thoroughly enjoyed the arguments and discussions that Mina and Cupid had. It mostly revolved around legit concerns and thoughts that we have. I adore seeing them opening up to each other and further their relationship to grow. I also love everything about the mission. It entails a grave responsibility but going through it in Mina’s eyes (and learning new stuff along the way) made it a cool reading experience. In a sense, it’s magical.

“All I ask from you is that you don’t forget me.”

Cupid, I just love him. He’s a guy (I mean, Angel) with the perfect sense of humor, playful at times but knows how to take his responsibilities (he learned about this through the hard way, huh) seriously and swoon-worthy. Some of his revelations made my head spin. Though, I ache for the things that happened to him the past. I want to give him a big (big big) hug. All he did was to love someone…

There were quite a number of side characters (angels and humans) and I’m happy that they were not just used to help move the plot along. We were given time to get to know them and for their characters to be fleshed out in for a limited amount of time. They definitely brought an additional flavor.

There was a certain aspect in the story that was predictable to me. Probably for you, as well. But it made me all the more stick to reading it because I want to know how everything will unfold.

“You told me that it’s the journey that matters, not the end. Why are you so concerned about the ending?”

It made the tension between Mina and Cupid even thicker and I was just craving (and praying) for some miracle to happen and make things right for the two. With just a few pages left, I was worried on how this tale will end. But Bautista pulled out a twist and everything fell into place.

It’s a great and fitting ending.

But I wouldn’t mind for this to have published sequel or a side story from the same fantasy world.  Remembering Cupid, the sequel, is actually an on-going story on Wattpad and picks up where the book ended. I’ll gladly wait for updates on that one.

Jhing Bautista nailed it. Karmic Hearts nailed it. No matter how long the time we spend with our loved ones, as long as we’re happy – it’s a time well spent and worth treasuring. Every single second should be lived to the fullest and treasured.

If you’re trying out PopFiction for the first time, I highly recommend to pick this one up! 🙂




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