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Spotlight Tuesday: Chapter Scents by Liss and Shils

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Photo grabbed from @chapterscents on Instagram

Thesis, that’s how the friendship and partnership of the people behind Chapter Scents started. Both 20-year olds, graduates of BS Biology and avid readers – Shiella Fierry Jagto and Lissandra Uy have been friends for just over a year. Just a year? But as Shiella told to me, being partners with their thesis helped them a lot in gauging how well they work as a team. Here they are now, venturing into their own book themed candle business. “My friend Liss decided to join me because she saw it as an opportunity for us to see each other and still be friends even after our graduation”, Shiella added. Well, that is a clever and certain way of never losing a connection with someone.  Let’s get to know more about their duo and Chapter Scents through Shiella, shall we?

What inspired you to create your own line of book themed candles?


I was following an account in Instagram, The Melting Library, selling handmade scented soy candles. There were only a few selections of scents then but I wanted all those candles because most of them were inspired by my favorite characters. But the shipment fee from New York to the Philippines was expensive. I even tried to use my classmate’s US address so it would be cheaper but I didn’t have a Paypal or a credit card. So I decided to make my own candles. I wasn’t planning on selling candles but I noticed that most available candles were inspired by famous book series, movies, and TV series. I thought it would be great to sell candles that are inspired by under hyped books or book characters. I am currently working on book characters.

How did you come up with the name of your shop?


It was all my friend Liss’ idea. She had six names prepared on her list. We initially chose Scented Pages, then we went to Wandering Lights, but we ended up with Chapter Scents. The first two names sounded like a book or a song, and chapter scented was more simple.

How many are you behind Chapter Scents and how did you divide the tasks among yourselves? How long did it took you to be able to establish your business?


There are only two of us. My friend, Liss, is the capitalist. While I am the in charge with the production. She also helps me with some of the task in making the candles. We started doing trials last May, but we only perfected our formula this June.

What was the easiest and hardest part in getting this kind of business started?


I know a few things about making candles but soy candle was a little bit more different to make than the usual gel or paraffin candles. Luckily, it was easy to look for online shops that sell the materials needed for making soy candles. The challenging part was perfecting the candle. We had to make sure that the formula we are following is right. So made a few experiments to make sure that the quality of the candle won’t be compromised. The best part is making the candle. Once we had the best formula among the ones we tried, we enjoyed making the candles. But we were also worrying about our logo and labels. We are not very knowledgeable in using editing tools like Photoshop, so we just decided to make simple ones using our own cellular applications.

How do you choose what a certain candle should smell like? Is it hard to pin down the exact scent that you want?


I just follow the character’s scent/s in the book and then we add another scent that compliments the character’s scent/s. But if the scent is not stated in the book, I choose the scents that suit the character best. It’s not really hard to choose the scent, but when the scent that I want is not available, I have to think of something else again.

What are the character themed candles on your collection right now? What’s your favorite? Why?


We currently have the four main characters from the Falling Kingdoms series, Magnus (Sandalwood, Citrus, Snow), Cleiona (Ocean, Summer) Jonas (Freesia, Cypress, Green Apple), and Lucia (Fire, Rose). My favorite scent is of Cleiona. It’s very refreshing and relaxing compared to the other three. 

Which book/characters are you planning to do next?


We have a list on our next character inspired candles that we are currently working now. We have The Raven Cycle and The Winner’s Trilogy in line. Also, we are planning to start working on our character inspired lib scrub.

I hope they do some characters from The Mortal Instruments or Colleen Hoover themed ones in the future. ❤

Where can we find your shop?


For now, we only have an Instagram account, @chapterscents. We accept orders (wedding giveaways, christening and the likes) through direct message. But we are planning on making an Etsy account so we could ship internationally.

Thank you so much, Shiella for being so accommodating and wonderful through out this interview. I’m wishing the both of you and your business all the success. I’ll definitely be looking forward for your future releases.

To all PH residents out there who are so into candles ( book themed candles 🙂 ), I hope you’ll give Chapter Scents a try. Just head over to their Instagram account if you want to check them out and order. ❤



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