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To Watch Out For: Love You To The Stars And Back

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On the afternoon of August 10th, Director Antoinette Jadaone tweeted the poster for her upcoming movie, Love You To The Stars And Back, with Joshua Garcia and Julia Barretto. It sent my timeline into a frenzy – also the reason why I got a hold of her tweet and was able to see the said poster. I know Joshua and Julia is bound to have another movie together but I really had no idea that it would be released as early as August 30th.



My First Impressions towards Love You To The Stars And Back’s poster:

  • It reminded me of the movie poster for The Fault in Our Stars wherein Augustus Waters and Hazel Grace were laying in opposite directions but with their heads close by and facing each other. Rotate LYTTSAB’s poster and you’ll see TFIOS. Basically, the poster just have TFIOS vibe all over it.
  • Double exposure gaming is too strong. But with this, people were able to formulate their early theories about the story. On Garcia, we see a serene road with green pasture and a scenic sunset (or is it sunrise lol) as its background and on Barretto we see the city at nighttime all lit up with its lights. So, probably it involves a province boy and a city girl? And a road trip?
  • The poster is definitely aesthetically pleasing because of the color palette that they went for.

Surprise! Last night, Star Cinema and Jadaone uploaded the trailer for Love You To The Stars And Back on their respective accounts. Because the poster got me curious, I immediately clicked on it and watched the whole thing.

Can we just skip the following days and weeks and let it be August 30th already?


The trailer started with this weird incantation: “Ashira grevinda mama ajaarum”. Nicely done. At 0sec, it already grabbed my full attention. People who will attempt to watch it will surely be more curious on what it’s all about because of its weirdness. Is the movie going to deal with some kind of sorcery?, was my thought. But I got my answer immediately during the following scene wherein Mika (Julia) and her mom were talking about aliens and dying. I’m sure her mom died.

“Is it possible to run away from sadness?”

With sadness setting in, Mika and her affinity towards aliens drove her to embark on a road trip. A road trip wherein she’ll meet Caloy, an annoying and all fun and smiles guy who engages her into strings of banters. Barretto and Garcia’s acting felt natural and their scenes brought out the desired fun and kilig. I like Barretto’s narration. I know the lines are kind of cliche but it doesn’t come across as cheesy. There’s something about her voice that makes you want to take it seriously and just basically wait for the fall.

And it definitely came. 

The photo set above is the particular scene wherein I got fully slammed with Young Adult (and New Adult) contemporary feels. In a way it reminded me of The Fault in Our Stars because of Caloy having cancer. So the TFIOS vibes that I got from the poster is actually correct. But the trailer’s been bugging me because I know there’s a book out there that I have possibly read that closely resembled LYTTSAB’s premise. I just couldn’t pinpoint it. I kept on thinking about it even when I went to bed.

And this morning, I finally got my light bulb moment!

Love You To The Stars And Back reminded me of Ten Below Zero by Whitney Barbetti. Why? Because that book revolves around a guy and girl, who doesn’t know each other, going on a road trip. Guy announces that he has cancer like he fully accepted his situation and is on the road to live his life to the fullest. How Garcia delivered that “Yes, cancer. Is there any problem?” line truly brought in that Ten Below Zero feels. Guy also made it his mission to make the girl realize that there’s more to life, help and make her feel things. Do you feel where I’m coming from?

I noticed how the editing for this trailer was so on point. Especially during that climatic part aka the part wherein it was revealed that Caloy has cancer. Garcia dropping that bomb, car going on a sudden break, Barretto’s narration, a haunting version of Torete started to play and their acting worked perfectly. I got chills. The following lines and scenes got me emo, as well. The way Garcia and Barretto look into each other’s eyes was like I’m receiving a punch straight through my heart. I’m excited to see more of what their acting skills will offer.

I need the full version of Torete by Moira Dela Torre!


Is this the first time that we’re dealing with a road trip x guy (or girl) is sick trope in a movie? I have no idea but I’m glad that they’re out there trying something possibly new in the Filipino movie scene. With Jadaone directing it, I’m really hopeful that this movie would be good and will have depth. Prove me right on this, please. I’m also happy that it was just this year that they had it green lit and set to release because it seems to be a perfect time. There isn’t much of YA book to movie adaptations coming from the Western market having the same feels with this. So good job on that.

All in all, the trailer is well-done and did its job which is to get the audience more eager to watch the movie. Despite the similarities that I saw and felt, it got me even more excited because we’re finally having a Filipino movie that is something like this. My YA heart is so curious on how they’ll handle such concept. On what will be its Filipino twist. On how Mika and Caloy’s story will fair. It’s definitely something to watch out for. 

Trailer HERE.

How about you, guys? What are your thoughts on this trailer? 🙂


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