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In Photos: Seventeen 4th Mini Album (All 13 Version)

In Photos SVT

I didn’t saw it coming. It just happened. One moment, I was chillin’ and the next thing I know…I slipped.

To be honest, before Don’t Wanna Cry was released I was just a casual listener of Seventeen and do so to keep myself updated. I saw their comeback teasers floating around on my timeline but I didn’t gave it much attention since I still have no idea with their members and the could be existing theories connected with their comeback. But I just have it in my mind that I’m going to anticipate for their MV, this time around, and see if their song is going to stick with me.

When they released the highlight medley for their mini album, I made sure to listen to it so that I have an idea on what to expect from them. Quick run through the album, I was impressed by all the snippets and it made me anticipate for it even more. But them releasing their Don’t Wanna Cry Special Spot was the game changer. For real. Just a few seconds of hearing some of their members sing and I loved it already! (Wouldn’t you know it but that part from the special spot is one of my favorite parts of the song?) My instinct told me that it’s going to be a good comeback for their group.

I was right and I’m glad that I witnessed everything during their Don’t Wanna Cry promotion period. From their comeback performances to their wins, I’m glad that I cheered them on.

The day of their comeback and Don’t Wanna Cry M/V release (May 22, 2017) marked the date of me slipping into their fandom. Into the Carat life. How can I not end up stanning them? I love Don’t Wanna Cry during my first listen. (I even blogged about it here and said all kinds of praises for it. Because it deserves to be praised.) I love the M/V. I love the choreography and how synchronized they are when they move. Furthermore, how can I not stan them? When they write their own lyrics, produce their music, make choreography for it and more. Seventeen has so much to offer and I’ll gladly give them my love and support.

The next thing I know, I was watching their variety shows, Youtube videos and listening to their songs repetitively. (Shoutout to Kim (@anoganap) for supplying me with links and educating me about Seventeen). Tip: Watching variety shows is always a good way to get acquainted with the members of the group you like. Through that you’ll be able to match them up with their names, faces, voices and bonus with their personalities. I decided to do a marathon for One Fine Day 13 Castaway Boys and One Fine Day in Japan. I fell in love with them even more.

What am I doing to myself? I seem to have an affinity towards groups with lots of members. EXO (9), NCT (limitless??) and now Seventeen (13). Oh how I love giving myself a bit of headache. Did I struggle getting to know them? Actually, I expected that I would have a hard time pinning who’s who but I easily get a hang of them. I enjoyed the process of learning about them individually, as a unit, as a group and as ships. Yes, I was educated (Hi, Kim!) early on about the ships that exist in the group. Meanie… 😆

Now that my Carat story is out of the way. It’s now time to talk and show you the first Seventeen album that I bought.

Processed with VSCO with se3 preset
How can I resist such beauty? Just look at that gorgeous cover and you’ll know you won’t be able to.

I’m the kind of person who’s big on meanings and memories. So it was truly a must for me to buy a copy of their 4th mini album. It comes in three different versions – Alone (01), Al1 (03) and All (13). How did I choose which version to buy first?

I watched a couple of unboxing videos and checked which one contains the photos that I love the most. I was torn between the Alone (01) version and All (13) version. But in the end, I chose All version. In this version, you’ll see them with big smiles brightening up their faces with mainly having the beach and sky as their background. Seventeen was the perfect picture of young, fresh and carefree.

Processed with VSCO with se3 preset
Ethereal Joshua Hong

The album inclusions are: 96p photo book, random CD plate, postcard, photo card and stickers. I was aiming for a Wonwoo CD plate or anything since he’s my bias but apparently I’m not lucky enough when it comes to him. Even the people who uploaded their unboxing videos had a hard time with him. Though, I still consider myself lucky since I got a Joshua CD plate and he’s one of my main bias wreckers so…😉

Other Carats engage themselves in trade to get their desired member’s CD Plate, photo card and postcard. I’m too scared to try it, though. Especially with the CD plate because you never know what will happen to it once you ship it. It’s too fragile. I also found myself being contented with my Joshua one and would just want to treasure it.

Processed with VSCO with se3 preset
Smiley! Wonwoo 🙂

I swear, Seventeen albums and merchandises are always on a different level of being aesthetically pleasing and so spending your money on them will be worth it. Just like with this album, the photo book has 96 pages of gorgeous photos in full color. If not all, most of the photos are in full pages even and it’s definitely a feast to your eyes. It’s too pretty!

I’m going to show you some photos of what you can see inside the photo book and give you the feel of it. I only took some photos of pages with Wonwoo in it. Ha!

Processed with VSCO with se3 preset
He’s just so precious!

See what I’m talking about? Just Wonwoo, dressed comfortably and the sky (beach or other locations) as his background. Seeing him smiling and free of things to worry was certainly a treat. At the same time, flipping the pages of the photo book has this some kind of soothing effect. It’s so light and fresh. I’m in love with every shot included. I’m in love with everything about this album.

How did Wonwoo became my bias? Just by him saying 울고 싶지 않아  (ulgo shipji ana) and him attacking me with his visuals at the beginning of Don’t Wanna Cry. From that moment, I knew that he’s going to be my bias. Then he proceeded to slay that bridge part of the song. That was it. I tracked down his fansites for HQ photos, fancams and watched Wonwoo compilation videos on Youtube. ❤

Processed with VSCO with se3 preset
Happy and Serious! Wonwoo!

Aside from the quality photos that you’ll get, Seventeen also boasts an amazing track list. In which they took part in building, writing the lyrics and Woozi being part of the producers. It made me so happy to see that most of them were involved in creating the album and at the end have their names properly credited with their contributions. I’m sure it must be a fulfilling feeling for them.

Seventeen truly living up to their “self-producing idol group” title.

If you haven’t seen their Don’t Wanna Cry M/V, you can watch it HERE. Choreography videos: Front | Rearview | Performance Version | Part Switch Version. To further impress you, here’s Seventeen dancing Don’t Wanna Cry at 2x Speed.

Okay, annyeong! 🙂


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