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K-Drama Time: While You Were Sleeping Pilot Episode



Will While You Were Sleeping be the cure for my Korean drama slump? Possibly.  

If you remember my blog post that included my anticipated dramas for 2017, you’ll know that While You Were Sleeping was mentioned there. Ever since Lee Jong Suk was casted for the lead role, I was already anticipating for it.

So was the pilot episode worth my anticipation? I could confidently say, yes.

While You Were Sleeping’s pilot episode completely gave the viewers a taste of what is in store for them and showcased so much potential on where this drama could veer off. In turn, earning my full attention.

It opens with a scene wherein Hong Joo (Suzy) dreamt of herself hugging an unknown guy. With a blood streaked cheek and snow falling around them, she uttered “I believe in you. Because it’s me, I can believe you.”. Why did she say those words? Why did she hug that guy? What happened?

Waking up puzzled with what she just dreamt of, she jots down everything that transpired. Deep inside her, she knows that it is bound to happen because that’s what normally happens with her dreams. Hong Joo’s dreams truly happen in reality. Though, it only tell a portion of what soon would happen. She doesn’t have a clear sense on what would and what could cause her dream (or the end result) for it to fully materialize. She could warn those people involved but would they believe her? They just might think that she is insane.

Planning to go about her day, her mother informs her that there are people moving in across their house. Only to be surprised that one of the guy is the same guy from her dream. Seems like the events that will lead up to what she saw is starting to fall in place…


Just by that gist, you could tell that this drama is bound to be mind-boggling and extremely impressive. Well, I’m hoping that they would be able to carry out that momentum since the pilot is pretty solid in itself. It somewhat even felt like a short movie, already. I guess that says a lot about how I’m liking it so far.

Both Suzy and Lee Jong Suk are portraying such interesting roles and they did pretty well right off the bat. The pilot episode touched some good character build up with it easily fleshing out Hong Joo’s complex character and throwing in a little back story for Jae Chan’s (Jong Suk). Big shocker, I liked Suzy’s acting. She brought in the right amount of intensity to portray a strange and worried-filled character to life. I’m hoping that she’ll be able to do her character justice until the end of the drama. While Jong Suk was able to pull off Jae Chan’s weird and funny antics. At the same time be able to shift and bring seriousness when needed. I’m excited to learn more about his character. I’m confident that he would do great.

I love that there isn’t a romantic tone as early as now. It’s refreshing to see how it’s taking a back burner and just having the complexity and uniqueness of their characters to shine through. I hope it stays that way for awhile (since I’m still not so sure with this pairing, let me warm up to it). 

I have to give it to them…that plot twist for this episode was thoroughly executed. The turn of events gave me an intense whiplash. I just didn’t expect for it to happen. It was so cool. It reminded me of W-Two Worlds. If not the same then watching While You Were Sleeping has an almost same level of intensity and amount of adrenaline rush kicking in to it. But after reaching that point of the story, it was easy to guess what would happen next. Did you correctly guessed what Jae Chan would do? I was still eager to know how things would play out, though. I’m up for some mind games and I’m hoping that While You Were Sleeping would get the rusty wheels of my brain get into turning.

I have high hopes. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that While You Were Sleeping in its entirety will deliver and be that Korean Drama of 2017. I’m excited on what Episode 2 will bring and where the story will go from here on out. (Spoiler…) Was Jae Chan’s dream just a fluke? Or is he just like Hong Joo? What complications will their characters face?

Will you give this drama a try? Comment down below if While You Were Sleeping interests you. 😊


9 thoughts on “K-Drama Time: While You Were Sleeping Pilot Episode”

  1. Oh my! I’m so excited. I’m definitely gonna give this a try. I just found out from instagram earlier today that there will be this new drama. Reading your post makes me want to watch it even more. 😍 Hopefully, it will be better than Suzy’s previous drama. Oh and fyi I’m also excited for Kai’s drama Andante. I heard Kai’s acting skill improved a lot. I just ❤️ him so much. 😂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. You should definitely try While You Were Sleeping! I love how this story feels like too intricate and my mind is just so excited to dive more into it. Not that much of a fan of Suzy but I’m quite impressed with her here.

      OMG ANDANTE! I still have to watch it but based on the clips that I’ve seen from Episode 1, Kai’s doing pretty good! He got a laugh out of me too! Such a cutie! 😂😍

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Didnt realize this has already aired!!! Gaaaah. 😍😍😍 i didnt read anything on your post yet. I’ll watch it first so we can fangirl. 😁😁

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I love W-Two Worlds! It is one of my top favorites from last year and prolly one of my fave dramas ever! Really keeping my fingers crossed for While You Were Sleeping. They’re off to a good start and I just hope that they’ll be able to keep up the excitement through out. 😁

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I just finished watching You’re All Surrounded and it was pretty awesome. I’m definitely starting this next!


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