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Crash Landing On You: How This Drama Instantly Crash Landed Straight Through My Heart


Crash Landing on You (CLOY) rightfully garnered the public’s attention as it is an intricate masterpiece of its own.

In every aspect that one Korean Drama should excel, CLOY decided to exceed in all of it and no amount of praise can sum up all my love, thoughts and feels.

The Plot

On a sunny day, Yoon Seri (Son Ye Jin), a successful businesswoman/heiress from South Korea decided to paraglide to test out for herself their upcoming line of sportswear. She unluckily gets dragged in the middle of a tornado and crash landed beyond the border. That in itself is a scary conflict already. But add in a high-ranking North Korean officer, Captain Ri Jeong Hyeok (Hyun Bin), who finds her in the middle of a forest, inside their territory – that’s when you know extreme chaos could possibly ensue.

Crash Landing on You’s premise is simple, straight-forward and unassuming. Yet you know that with just one miscalculated decision things can go south and – bloody. Right there and then, I was already subjected to a thrill I haven’t experienced before. It instantly hooked me in on how they will portray North Korea and their society. The whats, hows and what ifs that a scenario like that entails. But honestly, why didn’t we get a drama with this kind of plot prior to this? This plot and its corresponding repercussions were basically right there staring at our faces but no one dared to make the most of this reality. Thanks to CLOY team, we were now able to at least artfully explore this unknown.

I told you, the plot is pretty simple but what makes the story move in further are its pro-active characters. Having a character-driven narrative, I was fascinated to witness Seri and Jeong Hyeok moving through parallel conflicts. Same sky, different world but humanity’s greed for power remains constant. I was really amazed with how they were able to weave through a number of important characters together and use them so well in the story. Until now, my mind can’t stop churning how they seamlessly did that.

Lifestyle22034-683x585The Actors, Characters And Chemistry

I didn’t think that Son Ye Jin and Hyun Bin would hit this big as a pair. Mom and Dad, I’m so sorry. uWu 

Don’t get me wrong. Even before this, I have mad respect towards them (individually) and their craft. They’ve top-billed several successful movies and dramas in the past and I know anything they do will turn out great. But as a pair, I just didn’t quite see it early on the process.

Jokes on me, huh. Who would’ve thought that I’m going to find a gem of a pair in them? I didn’t. I simply underestimated this pairing and look at me now. I’m going gaga over them. Son Ye Jin and Hyun Bin brings in a swarm of butterflies inside my stomach whenever they are in each others space. Shimkoong. Both of them has a certain charm in handling the romance between Seri and Jeong Hyeok. They click and match each other so well. Even acting-wise, they match. They act beautifully. I can easily feel and grasp the emotions that they want to convey to the viewers. My goodness, I’m weak for both of their eyes, their acting. A gem. 🥰

Crash Landing on You’s story didn’t only focus on the romance and trials that Seri and Jeong Hyeok faced. But it impressively maximized every single and unthinkable character out there. They weren’t used for show, a stand-in, a one-liner or whatever. All of them have their own story and they managed to tell it to the viewers. Some were fleshed out. Some were even part of a bigger picture and given character developments.

As the episodes progressed, it felt like I personally know them. Like I’m sort of part of their crew. Bless us for having a cast who were able to effectively portray their respective characters. They made them so relatable, so human. Their chemistry as whole is way too precious. When will I come across a cast ensemble like this again?

The Cinematography and Musical Scoring

Crash Landing on You is really THAT drama which utilized its impressive locations and musical scoring to its fullest. Every thing was spot on smoothly and beautifully done.

Remember Episode 8 when Seri was held “captive” and she was pouring her heart out to Jeong Hyeok thru a phone call? Did you notice the build up of the musical score during that scene? Along with Seri’s words, the score was intensely climbing its way up. When she uttered an “I love you”, a sound of a gun firing off was heard and followed by a creepy silence. The haunting song, Photo of My Mind by Song Ga In, plays in the background while we see tears welling up in Jeong Hyeok’s eyes. It rendered me speechless. It was at that moment where I was really hands down impressed.

The Ending21e6639f-cf62-4a42-9f4b-066c7d1bcb01_metro.style - cloy swiss it banner landscape 2

Admittedly, I have a fear when it comes to Korean drama endings. I’ve watched dramas in the past that left me questioning things or basically dissatisfied with how they wrapped things up.

So I’m over the moon that Crash Landing on You’s ending didn’t fall through that trap. I’m quite sure CLOY is now that top tiered drama with a very satisfying ending. With a running of time of 1hr and 51 minutes (I know it’s more than most drama’s running time), they were able to tie up every possible and remaining loose ends in the story. Coming from the climax high, they were able to provide a breather for the viewers and at the same time for things in the story to settle down. The last bit of the story didn’t feel rushed at all and having said that, that alone was a great decision to push through with a lengthy finale.

From start to finish, I weep for Crash Landing on You’s beautiful cinematography and scoring. The closing scene has got to be one of those breathtaking and at the same haunting scenes that I’ve seen in a finale.

God knows how I love it so much.

The Takeaways

Life is full of surprises and uncertainties. We never know where life will take us and what we’ll face when we wake up the next day. What do we with that then? We simply live. We appreciate the hand we are dealt with. We live for the simple joys. We embrace pain. We welcome happiness in whichever form it comes. We celebrate life every single second that we get to spend here on Earth, with our loved ones.


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