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My Thoughts and Feels | Until We Meet Again

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UWMA1TW: The series touches suicide.

Now I know why a lot of BL viewers have been raving about Until We Meet Again (UWMA).

It has been days since I finished watching UWMA and I’m now experiencing a serious case of series hangover. Wow. I didn’t expect for it to blew me away this much. That it would make me sit down and type away some of my thoughts because they just wouldn’t leave me alone. UWMA easily ticked all the boxes for the aspects that I always look for – plot, cinematography, acting and the original soundtrack. Everything about it was tightly and neatly sewn through and through which makes it so hard to spot a fault in it.

UWMA is real good.

💛 Plot, Twists and Pacing

Until We Meet Again is an intricate tale of love that touches the lore of red thread and reincarnations. Yet grounded into reality with love, friendship and dark themes like suicide, domestic violence and homophobia. My words wouldn’t be enough to tell you how this show is such a masterpiece. It’s really a top-tier drama.

Bounded with the red thread in their past life as Korn and Intouch, Dean and Pharm are brought together by fate at present and figures out how their lives are deeply interlaced. The story called for a non-linear and clever way of storytelling to relay the blossom and demise of Korn and Intouch and at the same time the story of Dean and Pharm. How the past and present were weaved together isn’t confusing at all. It’s neatly done. You just have to pay attention to the scenes and its details.

I noticed some thing, tho. There were beats in some scenes wherein it felt like it’s being dragged for too long. Like I want to snap the actors out of the moment they were in or I’m badly waiting when their conversation will resume. Did they use it as a way for us, viewers, to soak everything in? Probably. Nevertheless, these said moments were just minimal and didn’t affect the show’s overall. Why? That’s next on my rambling.

Until We Meet Again has a very satisfying pacing and tasteful plot twists. The twists took a strike at the perfect time and were executed beautifully. Things fall into place naturally as one revelation after another is unraveled. Man, it’s so glorious to see the movement of the story. This shows that the team studied every aspect of the series well. Like the number of episodes they were going to do, where they’re going to cut the episodes and just about everything else.

The show is also a breath of fresh air when it comes to college-centric series. For UWMA portrayed a near semblance of college life with classes, clubs, fairs, contests and school trips. We didn’t just see them coming and going in classes but the show took time in establishing Dean and Pharm’s characters as someone who’s part of the swimming club and cooking club. Especially with Pharm’s, because this is quite knitted to In’s story. (winks) Also, the existence of a tight-knit college friendship in the form of Pharm, Team and Manaow. Their group is such a riot. They brought in lightness to story with their funny antics. I love their bond and support over one’s decision and endeavor.

I have to commend UWMA’s team for their execution of Dean and Pharm’s relationship and how they were able to touch base important things of being in a relationship. Safe sex talk? Consent? Especially that. I always look for consent in every series that I watch because it’s that important. They were able to do those here. My goodness, bless them. This is reason why I love Dean and Pharm’s dynamics. They communicate with each other. They talk about limits. Or they reprimand if the other crosses the limit. If one says he’s not comfortable, then it’s a no. Consent, easy as that.

Another thing that they were able to include in the story is the after death. They showed and made the audience feel the grief and guilt that were left in Korn and In’s wake. That pain doesn’t end in death because it will always live through those who love us and will last until the day they die.

💛 The Actors

UWMAUntil We Meet Again boasts the strongest cast ensemble in all the dramas that I’ve seen so far. Hands down. Fluke, Ohm, Earth, Kao – oh just seeing their names together gives me shivers already.

As I’m typing this down, their scenes and tears are constantly flashing through my mind. To get the story’s core to the viewers, they must deliver some serious, stable and powerful acting. Serious, stable and powerful acting, they did. Maybe it helped that the story leans towards heavy drama. It pushed them to do their best in embodying their characters and having a real grasp of their complex feelings. It’s a challenge and these four (4) made sure to excel in it. Fluke, Ohm, Earth and Kao genuinely shine through in this drama.

The supporting casts – Boun, Prem, Sammy, BossTon, Pineare and Mix brought in the added flavor to UWMA. BounPrem be teasing the viewers with WinTeam (hoho hemp rope series, here we go), Sammy and BossTon bringing the het couple that I love and the supportive sibling duo of Pineare and Mix. There were also notable veteran actors that played key roles in the series and were introduced at the height of things. Cue the tears. Seriously, everyone in UWMA took acting into the next level. Kudos!

💛 Original Soundtrack and Instrumentals

UWMA2Original Television Soundtracks has the power to encapsulate scenes, its atmosphere and emotions. Cheers to Until We Meet Again’s crew for exhibiting a strong and wise use of their OST. They even made the cast sing, that’s another point for their team.

Boy Sompob? You know that it’s going to be good and that you’ll be clutching at your heart. There’s something about his voice that makes it easy for me to connect with him and his emotions. Like I want to cry, stat.

Dome Jaruwat’s I Found You is another killer song. Even the instrumentals leaves a fear and pinch at my heart. (You can check the OST on Spotify and the instrumentals on Youtube.)

You know, they only have a few songs in the OST yet all holds such power. A perfect manifestation on how the team wisely used the songs all through out the series. They even created several variations to fit them into scenes where they are needed and for an OST junkie like me…I need it on my playlist. Every piece they used left an imprint inside your head.

Oh gosh, this turned out to be so so soooo lengthy and I’m basically just rambling here. But there you go. If those reasons aren’t enough for you to watch Until We Meet Again, then I don’t know what’ll make you do it. Haha 😂

End. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND #UntilWeMeetAgain. #UWMA 💯

Who among you have seen UWMA already? What are your thoughts about it? Can you share them below? 💭

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