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In Photos: Seventeen 4th Mini Album (All 13 Version)

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I didn’t saw it coming. It just happened. One moment, I was chillin’ and the next thing I know…I slipped.

To be honest, before Don’t Wanna Cry was released I was just a casual listener of Seventeen and do so to keep myself updated. I saw their comeback teasers floating around on my timeline but I didn’t gave it much attention since I still have no idea with their members and the could be existing theories connected with their comeback. But I just have it in my mind that I’m going to anticipate for their MV, this time around, and see if their song is going to stick with me.

When they released the highlight medley for their mini album, I made sure to listen to it so that I have an idea on what to expect from them. Quick run through the album, I was impressed by all the snippets and it made me anticipate for it even more. But them releasing their Don’t Wanna Cry Special Spot was the game changer. For real. Just a few seconds of hearing some of their members sing and I loved it already! (Wouldn’t you know it but that part from the special spot is one of my favorite parts of the song?) My instinct told me that it’s going to be a good comeback for their group.

I was right and I’m glad that I witnessed everything during their Don’t Wanna Cry promotion period. From their comeback performances to their wins, I’m glad that I cheered them on.

The day of their comeback and Don’t Wanna Cry M/V release (May 22, 2017) marked the date of me slipping into their fandom. Into the Carat life. How can I not end up stanning them? I love Don’t Wanna Cry during my first listen. (I even blogged about it here and said all kinds of praises for it. Because it deserves to be praised.) I love the M/V. I love the choreography and how synchronized they are when they move. Furthermore, how can I not stan them? When they write their own lyrics, produce their music, make choreography for it and more. Seventeen has so much to offer and I’ll gladly give them my love and support.

The next thing I know, I was watching their variety shows, Youtube videos and listening to their songs repetitively. (Shoutout to Kim (@anoganap) for supplying me with links and educating me about Seventeen). Tip: Watching variety shows is always a good way to get acquainted with the members of the group you like. Through that you’ll be able to match them up with their names, faces, voices and bonus with their personalities. I decided to do a marathon for One Fine Day 13 Castaway Boys and One Fine Day in Japan. I fell in love with them even more.

What am I doing to myself? I seem to have an affinity towards groups with lots of members. EXO (9), NCT (limitless??) and now Seventeen (13). Oh how I love giving myself a bit of headache. Did I struggle getting to know them? Actually, I expected that I would have a hard time pinning who’s who but I easily get a hang of them. I enjoyed the process of learning about them individually, as a unit, as a group and as ships. Yes, I was educated (Hi, Kim!) early on about the ships that exist in the group. Meanie… 😆

Now that my Carat story is out of the way. It’s now time to talk and show you the first Seventeen album that I bought.

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How can I resist such beauty? Just look at that gorgeous cover and you’ll know you won’t be able to.

I’m the kind of person who’s big on meanings and memories. So it was truly a must for me to buy a copy of their 4th mini album. It comes in three different versions – Alone (01), Al1 (03) and All (13). How did I choose which version to buy first?

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In Photos: Fandomly Bookish meets FrustratedGirlWriter

When a truly memorable moment happens, you know you just have to tell it to your friends. 

For today’s In Photos blog feature, I’m going to do a recap about the day I personally met the Precious Hearts Romances and Wattpad writer, FrustratedGirlWriter, C.D. de Guzman. She’s the first Pinoy writer that I’ve ever met and so this specific meeting is definitely something blog-worthy.

On June 8th, Iya (a friend of mine) sent in a direct message on my Fandomly Bookish Twitter account and asking if I’m free the following day. I was not, actually. I have plans and appointments to attend to. But then she dropped that C.D. (Denise) would be heading to Bicol and will conduct a meet-up for her readers. Well, I cannot not attend and miss it. I just raved about her latest completed Wattpad story, Deliverance, a few days back and her quick trip here in our province was the perfect opportunity to chat with her.

I know I have to do something with my schedule and look for someone to come with me.

Schedule fixed, check.

Joy, my friend and fellow admin at JSL Bicol, also a reader of Denise as my buddy, check.

Okay, we’re ready and excited.

On the morning of June 9th, I woke up with the sound of heavy rain and a view of dark skies filtering through my windows. Through the entire morning, the rain just won’t let up and so I was constantly messaging Iya about the weather here in Albay (Sto. Domingo, where I come from). I was really worried for the meet-up because the venue that they’ve decided on, Cagsawa, was an open area. But Iya said to still push through with it and surprisingly Denise was already there. Imagine my panic, guys.

I had to rush everything that I’m doing and prepare myself in a limited amount of time. Traveled to Legaspi, met up with Joy and rode another jeepney to Cagsawa in which we said Hello to traffic. I told Iya to send a message to Denise saying that we’re so sorry to be arriving late. We just can’t do anything at that point but wait…

At past 2pm, we arrived at the venue, searched for them and was greeted with a cheery smile from Denise.

I can breathe now.


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In Photos: Coffee, Waffles, Cakes and Cheers to EXO’s 5th Anniversary

Screencap from EXO’s VLIVE celebrating their 5th anniversary.

The back story. Last February 24th, I traveled all the way from Albay just to attend the Manila leg of EXO’s The EXO’rDIUM concert tour. This isn’t an unfamiliar situation for me since traveling alone in a bus is a regular occurrence whenever I have to head to Manila. But this entire trip was truly special in most ways.

I was already comfortably seated on my designated bus seat when three ladies approached my section, one of them ended up as my seatmate and the other two were seated behind us. Upon seeing them and the small bags that they were carrying, the first thought that popped into my mind was “It’s not crazy if I think that they would be attending the EXO’rDIUM, right?”. I felt that there’s a huge chance that they could be EXO-Ls like me. Even told my friend who called me to go out of the bus about this but we just laughed it off because crazy eh.

I tried to get it off of my mind and concentrated more on my Twitter to field the latest happenings on the web. News about EXO leaving Korea was out and I was freaking out on the inside. How to deal? How to be calm? 어떻게? Trip went on smoothly. But then when I swerved my head towards my seatmate, I saw her checking out Ms. Happee Sy’s Twitter account…and that’s when I confirmed my hunch.

Thinking that we randomly chose our seats in the bus, ended up being seatmates and the fact that most probably all four of us are EXO-Ls who are attending the concert, I know I have to talk to them. I threw my shyness away and braved myself to start up a conversation. It was awkward but that’s how first time talking to people you don’t know goes. But compared to others, it was kind of easier for us to converse since we have a common ground: EXO.

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In Photos: Wang Eun (왕은), Foods and Friends

Friends meet Baby Wang Eun (와은).

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Remember this cute face of my lil fella because I’m quite sure you’ll be seeing a lot of him here in my blog and on my Instagram account. Baby Wang Eun is certainly a perfect companion and subject to my photos. Ha!

When I was kid, I remember collecting Barbie dolls but not much fascinated with stuffed toys. Even as a teenager. When it felt like everyone’s room is bursting at the seams with stuffed toys, enter my room and you’ll be proven wrong.

Well, until I became an EXO-L and knew about the existence of EXO dolls.

At present, I have two dolls. The Prince Baek doll which I prefer to be called as (Baby) Wang Eun doll (first photo) in reference to Baekhyun’s character in Scarlet Heart Ryeo. That’s the doll that I’ve been wanting ever since I learned about someone producing such doll. It was during Scarlet Heart’s airing when I became an EXO-L and ended up being a Baekhyun stan. So when I saw someone selling their Prince Baek doll, I immediately messaged her and reserved it. Thanks to her I now have my Baby Wang Eun who holds a very special place in my heart.

I also have a Kyunee Hyunee (above), which is currently in production and bound to arrive here in the Philippines by July or August. The waiting game for this doll is too strong and long. But it’s okay. I know it’s worth the wait. Just look at his cute face!

But what started as a meet and greet for my Wang Eun doll, this blog post is actually just me sharing some photos that I (my friends) took over the weekend.

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