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Wattpad Story Review: Hello, Death Trilogy by TheCatWhoDoesntMeow

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Hello, Death Wattpad Description:
Natalie received a message saving her from her demise. The sender is none other that Death himself.
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A Walk with Death (#2)
I closed my eyes and surrendered to the cold. He will come, right? He will guide me to my death. I don’t have to be scared as…
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After Death (#3)
In my hand, lying invisible to the eyes of everyone else, there was a glowing silver feather… of a death god. –  Natalie
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Hello, Death trilogy surprised me in a lot of ways. Blew my mind, even. 

It was after I published and tweeted about my book review for Karmic Hearts by Jhing Bautista that I received a tweet from Twitter user, isaiahxignacio, saying:

@FandomlyBookish Hi! I hope you try out.@WriterMeow’s works! Her Hello, Death trilogy is a must read!

With a follow-up tweet:

It’s not time-consuming but I assure you if it is, it will be worth it.

In which I responded that I’ll look for the writer’s Wattpad account and probably read her stories after the books that I have lined up. I also thanked her for the suggestion. I highly appreciate people tweeting me about their Wattpad recommendations because I know there are still lots of good quality stories that I haven’t come across with. But to be honest, at that time I actually became worried because I really don’t know when I’ll be able to read Hello, Death. I have an ARC that needs to be read and reviewed (which is now posted on the blog, The Queen’s Game) and there are other books that interest me. I just resulted into saving Hello, Death on my Wattpad library and planned to pull it out once I have the time or when I feel like being in the mood of reading it.

It was last Saturday when I got sick and felt so weak that I ended up just laying in bed the whole day. With feeling so bored and restless, I was suddenly hit with the urge to read Hello, Death. So then and there – I started reading it and next thing I know I was flying through the pages of it.

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Wattpad Story Review: Deliverance by FrustratedGirlWriter


The two bastards of Delos Santos are coming your way. And they are no saints.

Noah Alessandro Delos Santos is the most evil man alive–shrewd, greedy, ambitious, and dangerous. He’ll get anything and everything he wants in the most wicked way he can.

Even love can’t save him.

Or so he thought.

Read Deliverance on Wattpad. 


Nothing but praises for C.D. de Guzman. But most especially to God. 

In all honesty, my mind is a juggled mess right now and I’m having a hard time in stringing sentences. It feels like I have a lot of things to say but I don’t know which one to talk about first. I have read a number of stories written by FrustratedGirlWriter (CeeDee) and I’m always awashed with a sense of peacefulness once I finish one. But Deliverance, wow. I’m overwhelmed with how well-written it is, the emotions enveloped in its story and how it affected me too much.

Patricia and Sandro’s tale is far from the typical rainbows and unicorns. I won’t talk about their characters and the plot because I want you to dive into this with only its synopsis in mind (and/or these praises that I have)I do think a review for this story isn’t even needed and so I’m keeping it short. It was flawlessly written. Everything was out there and I assure you that you’ll easily nail the things and lessons that CeeDee wants to impart to us.

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Wattpad Story Review: Mean for You (Mean #1) by kissmyredlips



Cliché? Yun yung good girl meets her prince charming, they both fall in love, the antagonist comes along, here comes the up rise, problem solved then insert the happy ending with matching confetti and balloons. Kung hindi happy ang ending? Then wait for the epilogue. Kaumay! Yung mabait laging bida, yung nagpapaawa ang laging pinapanigan at si good girl at prince charming lagi ang nagkakatuluyan. Pero paano kung maging bida ang isang kontrabida?

Maxwell is mean but she’s willing to be extra mean just to get the guy of her dreams. It had always been Grant for her since she was seven. No matter how many times she cry, no matter how many times she get hurt, and no matter how many times she get beaten down because of Grant-she’ll never get tired of loving him. She’ll chase him till the ends of the earth. And if someone gets in her way? Simple, she”ll have them taste her hell. Or they could taste Rush’s, Grant’s cousin, who’s also willing to do every mean things for her.

Mean for You on Wattpad.


Mean for You sure does live up to its title. 

This is the first story that I’ve read written by kissmyredlips and I know it won’t be the last one. As we speak, I’m already itching to read the 2nd book, Mean to Be, and her other stories because they seem to be all interesting. They also got some gorgeous and attention-grabbing covers in Wattpad. Even her self-published books are lovely.

Honestly, it took me quite some time to get into Mean for You’s story and the characters. They weren’t exactly the type whom you’ll easily like and root for and my mind was just in constant query as to what could possibly be their redeeming qualities. It’s also a unique reading experience because the story is told from the point of view of a character who’s both the protagonist and antagonist. But you know what as the chapters went by, I found Anya’s writing just getting to me and little by little feeling for Maxwell, Grant and Rush. But mostly Rush. Anya did well in making me hate, like and pity their characters.

“Love has no steps to follow, procedures to take, and instructions to abide — you just…fall.”

Maxwell is the word, mean, personified. What you’ve read in the synopsis saying “is mean but she’s willing to be extra mean just to get the guy of her dreams”, yeah that’s true. She does unthinkable and evil things towards people who go against her whims. Or whenever she just feels like inflicting pain to somebody. There were times that I kind of understand where she’s coming from but most of the times, she’s just a bitch. Maxwell gains pleasure from another person’s sufferings. She’s manipulative and collects people who are useful to her for the time being. She’s as self-centered as one person could get. Just imagine reading the flow of her thoughts that would always lead back to her gratifying herself, wow that is so rich. If not thinking about herself, she’s off to plot something bad or thinking about Grant. And Rush, if she needs him. Basically, her world revolves around herself and these boys. I was highly annoyed by that but I’m glad towards the end of this book she was able to realize this particular thing that I’m worried and dislike about her character.

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